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Membership Programme: Miles & More / Lufthansa  
* Membership Number: Membership Number Membership Number

This is your unique identifier number provided by your Airline. Please contact your Airline if you forgot your Membership Number.

* Surname: Surname Surname

The surname of the person with the frequent traveller membership. Please be aware that the renter and the frequent traveller member must be the same person.

* First Initial: First Initial First Initial

The first letter of the Christian name of the person with the frequent traveller membership.

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* Rental Agreement Number: Rental Agreement Number Rental Agreement Number

This is the number written on your rental agreement document that you received from Budget when you picked up your rented car.

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* Car Class: Car Class Car Class

This is the one letter code of the car that you rented (i.e. B).

BCD Number: BCD Number BCD Number

This is the Budget Corporate Discount number that you may have used when making your reservation (i.e. B123400). This may sometimes be referred to as an AWD number.

i.e. B123400  
* Car Pickup Date: Car Pickup Date Car Pickup Date

The date when your rental started (when you picked up the rented car).

* Car Return Date: Car Return Date Car Return Date

The date when your rental ended (when you returned the rented car).

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