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Earn 8,888 Bonus BIG Points!

Earn 8,888 Bonus BIG Points with Budget!

Pack your bag and get ready for an exciting road trip with Budget!

Rent a car and earn up to 2,500 BIG Points while you take on the roads. There’s even a 8,888 BIG Points Angpow Bonus for every rental, so book your ride now for your next holiday!

Budget is available in 3,500 locations at 120 countries. With Budget, you can choose to see Sakura in Japan, discover Thailand through road trips or go on a fun-filled drive holiday in Australia.

Booking Period: 1 February to 31 March 2018
Rental Pick-up Period: 10 February to 31 March 2018
Destinations: Participating Budget locations worldwide (exclude locations in Alaska, USA)
Bonus Points Eligible Car Group: All car Groups (Asia); Car group C and above (the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands)
Budget Customer Discount (BCD) Number: M001600

Sample of AirAsia BIG Points earning with Budget on qualifying rental:

Rental Day Base Points Bonus Points Total Points Earned*
1-day 250 points 8,888 points 9,138 points
2-day 500 points 8,888 points 9,388 points
3-day 750 points 8,888 points 9,638 points
4-day 1,000 points 8,888 points 9,888 points
5-day 1,250 points 8,888 points 10,138 points
6-day 1,500 points 8,888 points 10,388 points
7-day 1,750 points 8,888 points 10,638 points
8-day 2,000 points 8,888 points 10,888 points
9-day 2,250 points 8,888 points 11,138 points
10-day or more 2,500 points 8,888 points 11,388 points

*Maximum Points that one can earn per rental is capped at 11,388 points


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