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Mini Budget Package in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Mini Budget Package

Do you simply want to get from point A to B and back? Our Mini Budget package is cost effective solution that‟s ideal for travelling short distances. All you need is included in one low price. Simply enter the dates and times for your travel and the BCD L186800 to get a quote.

Price includes:

- 100 km per day

- Young driver surcharge

- Excess - DE 1 950 EUR

- AT 1 700 EUR (depends on car group)

- CH 2 500 CHF (depends on car group)

Terms & Conditions:

- Pick up before 31 December 2013

- Available on all car groups at all Budget Germany, Switzerland & Austria locations

- BCD: L186800

- Minimum rental length: Germany - 1 Day. Switzerland / Austria - 3 Days

- Required advance booking: 4 hours

- Prepay only, one-way rentals not permitted